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Tuesday March 2nd -
How Design Will Save the Future

Guest Speaker Patrick Tucker
Patrick Tucker is the senior editor of THE FUTURIST magazine and the director of communications for the World Future Society.

Room 415, Fox Building Tuesday March 2nd, 2010. 12 pm
Department of Environmental Design Lunchtime Lecture Series

Tuesday March 9th -
Workshops (Object 2 & Space 4 classes) by Nacho Carbonell and Vicente Guallart
at the Department of Environmental Design

Videos on works by Nacho Carbonell & Vicente Guallart:


MICA celebrates new Spanish design with a free public lecture and exhibition featuring cutting-edge furniture, graphics, architecture, and animation. These multidisciplinary events present innovative work never before seen in the United States. The panel discussion will include graphic artists Ferran Mitjans and Oriol Armengou of Toormix, a graphic design studio based in Barcelona; Nacho Carbonell, a Spanish futuristic furniture designer now working in the Netherlands; and Vicente Guallart, a Barcelona-based architect who restores and builds internationally with focuses on nature and new technologies as well as an author and teacher, most recently serving as the director of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia.

The programs are sponsored by the Embassy of Spain with the Spain-USA Foundation as part of the program Preview Spain: Arts & Culture ’10. Hot! New Design From Spain is organized by the MFA in Graphic Design, Environmental Design, and Animation departments.


Monday, March 8, 6 pm
Falvey Hall, Brown Center

Tuesday, March 2–Sunday, March 28

Leidy Atrium, Brown Center

spring semester 2010

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Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
9 am - 3 pm Environmental Design Thesis
ENV 410 / Timmy Aziz
Arch Design and Strategies 2
ENV 387 / Katie O"Meara
Histories Mysteries
ENV 314 / John Wilson
Interior / Exterior: Body, Space and City
ENV 267 / Katie O"Meara
Innovation & Precedent
ENV 338 / John Wilson
Object Design II: User Experience
ENV 266 / Inna Alesina
Art, Artists, and the City
ENV 309 /Timmy Aziz & Dan D'Oca
Introduction to Product Design
ENV 205 / Inna Alesina
4 pm - 10 pm Fabrication Technology
ENV 201 / Ryan Hoover
Architectural Visualization
ENV 321 / Kuo Pao Lian, Karen Lemmert & David Nail
Environmental Design Thesis
ENV 410 / John Chow & Kuo Pao Lian

Special Independent studies, ENV 398
Object Design 4: Independent Study 3 Credit / Inna Alesina. / lunchtime Tues & Fri, to be coordinated with instructor.
Design/Build: Independent Study 3 Credit / David Lopez & Daniel Umscheid / TBD

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